Are Protein Shakes Just for Men?

Female Guide to Taking Protein

When I first started participating in bootcamp and personal training, I did not appreciate the need for extra protein. Now that I am challenged to help young athletes gain healthy weight, I now understand you need more protein to build lean muscle mass.  Rigorous exercising can be really harsh on your muscles and cause a lot of wear and tear on your muscles.  It is important to consume a protein shake within 30 minutes after a work out. This helps to provide your muscles with the needed nutrients so they may repair and re-condition for the next work out.  If you fail to have a protein shake after a work out, you may be tempted to eat the first thing that you can get your hands on.  You’ll fall prey to something quick and easy, which typically includes junk food or fast food (e.g., hamburgers, french fries, pizza).

If you engage in rigorous physical activity 3-6 times a week, you will definitely need to consume more protein than a person who has a sedentary or “couch potato” lifestyle.  I strongly suggest that you work with a lifestyle transformation coach who offers customized meal plans and nutritional guidance to make sure you are receiving enough protein to meet the demands of your active lifestyle.

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