Health Challenge Day 5 by Wholistically Improve You


Today (4/4/14), I am traveling to San Diego in part to serve the many. God told me loud and clear to serve them. I don’t question him. I just try to be obedient and help inspire many to start and maintain healthy lifestyles. Traveling can cause you to get off your healthy routine. But with a little planning you can stay on course. For my trip, I had some mild detox tea. Yes, my stomach is rumbling a bit. But I prefer it to rumble a little now rather than having a blocked system later. I knew I was going to be in the airport/airline for several hours, so I had a nutrient dense fruit smoothie with a scoop of vanilla moringa oleifera enhanced protein powder. I also made sure I packed my bag with instant oatmeal, dried fruit, nuts, water and fresh fruit. I also decided to pack a lunch consisting of fresh spinach, leftover quinoa and Italian chicken sausage. What does this have to do with healing. Nothing directly. My report today has more to do with prevention and being proactive about your health. No one is going to force you to be healthy. That’s your choice. But I know we are on the right track with this 30 health challenge filled with scripture and my testimonies. My assurance came from a cancer survivor who sat next to me on the plane. Margy was her name and she was 81 years old, yet spry. She was diagnosed with lymphoma. Although I am a cancer researcher I had no idea how expensive cancer treatment was at the individual level. Margy shared with me that the immune boost shots that she had to take after chemotherapy cost $7000 each. And she needed 6 shots. You do the math. She also had to take several medications a day to help give her energy. I shared with her that my lab this Summer will study the protective effects of one of the 92 nutrients in moringa oleifera against prostate cancer. She encouraged me to pursue this avenue because cancer treatment is expensive and preventive approaches would be appreciated. There are a few published reports on the protective effects of moringa and cancer, so I feel pretty excited about our mission to slow the growth or kill prostate cancer cells.

Moringa Oleifera is God’s gift to us. I believe it is mentioned in Exodus 15:24-25. We share the best varietal in the world. Do your research on it. And midst if all be proactive about your health.

May God bless you and yours.


One thought on “Health Challenge Day 5 by Wholistically Improve You

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