Healing Day 5 by Eugene Burden



Just as the enemy is relentlessly trying to distract and defeat us daily by attacking our families, our finances, our Peace, our Joy, our Faith, and our health…..God is Relentlessly Calling our attention to the TRUTH that His Word is the FINAL Answer. It’s up to us to choose…..ref: Joshua 24:15 – ….choose THIS day who you will believe. Too often we talk more about what the enemy is TRYING to do; when we should be walking in what God Has ALREADY Done.

God is STILL God…..He Will ALWAYS be God….there will NEVER be a board or committee that could EVER pass a vote to de-Throne Him. An Insurance company runs an add that says “fifteen minutes can save you….”. Let me encourage you today to know that “fifteen minutes in the Presence of The Lord can SAVE you….period. Let Him Heal you TODAY. I believe God that things are turning around for you today. In Jesus’ Name. Amen. Hear God:


I Am God
I Will Heal
How you feel

I’ve Heard your Prayer
I’ve Seen EACH time you cry
I’ve also Heard
You ask Lord why

I created you
For my Glory
Trust in Me
I’ll change your story

I Am STILL the God of Miracles
No matter what you’ve been told
There’s NOTHING too hard for Me
I Will Make you Whole.

Mark 9:23 – Jesus Said; if you can JUST Believe….ALL things are Possible for those who Believe.

Exodus 23:25 – God Says; if you Honor me, I Will Bless your substance; and I Will See to it that ALL sickness be removed from your dwellings.


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