You reap what you sow

You reap what you sow

You reap what you sow. Continue to plant good seeds. Sometimes you will plant on fertile ground. Some grounds will produce 30 percent, others 50% or 100%. How can you get some of the grounds (or people) to do 100%? I would not sign up for that class, if I were you. Allow the 30% to do 30% to the best of their ability. Allow the 50% to do 50% to the best of their ability. You invest your time with people in accordance with how much time they are willing to invest in themselves, their career, their personal development, or their business. Do not overwhelm yourself with why Mary or Joe won’t plant as many good seeds as you. Some just won’t. And you can’t even predict whether the seeds you sow will fall on fertile ground. But if you plant enough seeds, you are bound to eventually touch fertile ground. And don’t worry about all the adversity and nay sayers you will come across. One thing for sure, things happen in cycles. In Genesis 8:22, in addition to it reminding us that you reap what you sow, it also tells us that things happen in cycles. Cold weather is followed by hot weather. After Spring Comes Fall. After day comes night. And we can extend it further to say, after recession comes expansion. Even the naysayers over time may eventually say yes. The key is for you to remain consistent in sowing good seeds. Don’t quit doing good onto others.

Inspired by Genesis 8:22
Building your (NM) business CD by Jim Rohn


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