Premium Detox Tea

Premium Detox Tea

Do you have major issues with your body producing a lot of inflammation?  Are you extremely sensitive toward food additives and coloring.  Do you generally eat clean but had a cheat meal that went over board.  Are you frustrated because you can’t see your abdominal muscles because they are buried under a thin sheet of fat.  Are you eating clean but your weight loss has fizzled out.  There is a simple solution; detox your body.

Detoxification is important because it also helps to remove excess toxins and inflammation and helps to promote burning of body fat. Detoxification helps me to stay regular without dehydration or major stomach cramps. It also helps to reduce post work out recovery because it helps to remove excess inflammation associated with a rigorous fitness workout or health conditions associated with chronic inflammation.  Personally, I find my muscles are not as sore if I detox my body on a regular basis.

We may not even realize we are constipated.  Our intestines stretched out is 5 feet long.  You heard me; 5 feet long.  Unfortunately, we carry about 5-25 pounds of fecal waste.  Failure to detox may reduce your capacity to absorb nutrients from your food, prompting over eating and unnecessary blotting.  I use to have an issue with constipation but this is not an issue any longer since I detox on a regular basis and eat a clean diet.

How do you know how often to drink the tea?

Everyone is different so you will have to experiment but you can try the suggestion below.  If your system is sluggish like mine, I recommend 8-12 oz of tea daily.

45 or more lbs overweight >>> drink the tea daily
25-44 lbs overweight >>> drink the tea every other day

<25 lbs overweight >>> drink every third day

Since I have issues with chronic inflammation and I participate in rigorous exercise, I drink detox almost daily.

Order your detox tea today then email us for your free copy of our clean eating recipe book and invite to our exclusive online clean eating challenge group for motivation, support and guidance.

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