Healing Challenge Day 1 by Eugene Burden


By Eugene Burden

After receiving countless in boxes and requests at my website for prayer for Healing; I feel a Peace from God to launch a “Thirty Day Healing Journey Through The Word Of God” through the month of April. I want to encourage you to prepare for a Touch from God like NEVER before. Have you ever been so sure of something that even the most convincing person could not make you doubt it. God wants us to grow into such an acquaintance with His Word, that we become unshakable in our conviction. When it comes to our Healing, the enemy desires to wedge such a gap between God’s Promises, and our Faith to believe. The Bible declares that we are surrounded by so many witnesses to the Healing Power of God…..ref: Hebrews 12:1. God STILL Heals. I’m believing God for an Awesome Outpouring of His Healing in the earth. Father, without formality or structure, our Prayer is: “Lord; we believe.” In Jesus’ Name. Amen.
I’ll start with my personal testimony:


I remember the doctor’s diagnosis….
He said I HAD cancer
I told him Jesus WOULD Heal me
He told me there was no answer

He told me that in seven months….
I would be dead
I looked up and told him
What the Word of God Said

He told me there was no way
That I could be made whole
I told him God Shall Prosper my health
Just as He Prospers my soul

As I left his office
He told me I was on my own
Seven weeks later he was speechless
ALL traces of cancer was gone.

Jeremiah 32:27 – God Said; I Am The Lord; the God of ALL flesh. Is there ANYTHING too hard for Me.


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