Yours & Only Yours – Love Letters 1

DSC_1295.JPGI recognized his smile. Instantly, it makes me smile. It’s not something he shares very often or with everyone. It became infectious because I wanted to make him smile more and more. I could finally let down my “hard” armor. But when he hurts; I hurt. I don’t want him to hurt so when we have disagreements, we both push past ourselves and talk things out. And sometimes we have to repeat ourselves in different ways so we can understand one another. We talk different languages at times even though we both speak English. We just push through the misunderstandings. For me, there is something about that warm feeling I have inside for him that I want to cherish and treasure. More later….

Feel encouraged to share excerpts of your budding love story below. Or share how you are going to reignite that old flame.


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